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Example of the scale of use of oilless bearings

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  1, plastic machine occupation
  Oil-free bearing plastic injection machine hinge, crosshead, moving oil-free composite bushing template, two-plate sliding foot (JSP), mold-adjusting gasket, supporting model sleeve.
  2. Metallurgical machinery
  Continuous casting machine raceway, rolling mill lifting, balancing, transmission organization, feeding, pushing material structure, shearing bushing, sliding plate, furnace sliding self-lubricating bearing shell in and out of the platform car, furnace lifting, tilting organization, electrode lift sliding Oil bearing lowering structure, stepping straightening equipment, mechanical loading rocker, pull shaft, finger, cranking machine crankshaft, six-link shearing machine skateboard, steel mill bearing bush, four continuous casting shearing machine bushing Set, continuous casting machine cutting car bushing, more than 100 tons of shearing machine blade skateboard, bushing, crankshaft bushing, large gear bushing, connecting rod sleeve, cold drawing machine octagonal wheel bearing bush, double-sided milling pushing equipment , ball mill, steel slag grab pulley bushings, strips, skateboards, unwinder cantilever organization.

  3. Petroleum machinery
  Oil field pumping unit (shovel machine) bushing and thrust washer, gear type oil pump.
  4, the mold
  Car cover parts, cold stamping die slides, L-shaped inserts, V-shaped slides, oblique joints and various guide sleeves.
  5, lifting equipment
  Port crane boom fulcrum and other joint parts.
  6. Non-excavation type roadheader bushing.

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