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The scope of application of composite bearings and related knowledge of impregnation

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  Composite bearings are widely used in molds, automobiles, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding and marine, textile machinery, industrial machinery, petroleum machinery, lifting equipment, food, printing, engineering machinery and other fields. Oil-free lubrication is possible.

  Composite bearing impregnation knowledge;
  The porous material acts as a matrix, impregnating solid lubricants, sliding bearings. The solid lubricating impregnated composite bearing is constructed and stored in the solid lubricant of the bearing pad and the bearing wears continuously to supply the friction surface of the solid lubricant. Typical carbon-based graphite matrix composite bearings, soft metals, impregnated polytetrafluoroethylene or inorganic materials.
  The impregnation method is:
  1. Allow the vacuum to impregnate the molten state.
  2. With a hardening liquid carrier, the impregnated object is placed by impregnation.
  3. Using a volatile liquid as a carrier, impregnating the impregnating material to disperse therein, and then evaporating the liquid.
  4. Evaporate after impregnation. Not only the impregnation effect but also the strength of the substrate can be improved.

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