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Oilless sliding bearing refers to a special bearing

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  Oil-free bearings (oil-free plain bearings) are used for plain bearings. Oil-free lubricated bearings are designed for self-lubricating, oil-free bearings, smooth operation, reliable, and noise-free. Liquid lubrication conditions, separated from the lubricant does not directly contact the sliding surface, you can greatly reduce friction loss and surface wear, this film also has a certain degree of impact absorption.

  But greater starting friction. The shaft portion of the bearing is called the shaft diameter portion, called the bush and the shaft diameter go together. In order to improve the friction bearing surface properties of the friction material of the inner surface layer of the casting, it is called a bearing lining.
  The materials for the bearings and bearing linings are collectively referred to as bearing materials. Bearing applications typically load conditions, maintenance and lubrication or difficult operating areas at low speeds and weights.

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