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Metal plastic polymer

SF-1P oilless lubrication bearing (reciprocating type)

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SF-1P oilless lubrication bearing (reciprocating type)


Product parameters
  Substrate properties
  Compared with the traditional three-layer composite material, the added high-performance resin provides better anti-magic performance. The thickness of the resin layer is determined according to the actual working conditions, so it can be satisfied by including post-assembly and processing to obtain better tolerance and specific Under the working conditions, it is required to have better anti-magic performance, balanced friction coefficient and longer service life. Typical applications include: engine tensioners, idlers, solenoid valves, cylinder guides, brake systems, etc.
  Material organization
  1. PTFE / fluororesin layer thickness 0.05 ~ 0.10mm, dry friction, can be reworked to obtain a higher tolerance level.
  2. The copper powder layer is 0.20~0.35mm, which has good load-bearing capacity and wear resistance. Good thermal conductivity can transfer the heat generated during the operation of the bearing. The composite material can penetrate into the gap of the copper powder ball to improve the bonding strength.
  3. Low carbon steel provides good load bearing performance and heat transfer.
  4. The copper/tin plating layer is 0.002mm, which makes it have better corrosion resistance.

  Technical Parameters


Static bearing 250N/mm2 Operating temperature -195℃~+280℃
Friction factor 0.03~0.20
Bearer 140N/mm2
High speed Dry friction 2m/s Thermal Conductivity 42W(m*K)-1
Fluid lubrication >2m/s
PV (dry) short time 3.6N/mm2*m/3 Thermal expansion coefficient 11*10-8*K-1
continuous 1.8N/mm2*m/3
  typical application

  Due to the thick PTFE lubricating layer, SF-1P oilless lubricating bearings (reciprocating type) are mainly used in precision parts such as automobile belt tensioners, pulleys, solenoid valves, air conditioner compressors, and hydraulic pumps.

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