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Metal plastic polymer

SF-1X oilless lubricating bearing (standard type)

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SF-1X oilless lubricating bearing (standard type)

Product parameters
  Substrate properties
  It is suitable for working parts that can"t be refueled or difficult to refuel. It has good wear resistance, small friction coefficient and long service life. It has good running performance, low noise and good corrosion resistance. The transfer film formed during operation plays a role in protecting the grinding shaft. The role of no biting axis phenomenon; the processing requirements of the grinding shaft is reduced, reducing the user"s processing costs. It is widely used in general industry.
  Material organization
  1. The mixture of PTFE and fiber 0.01~0.03mm can form a good transfer film to protect the grinding shaft and provide the self-lubricating performance of the bearing.
  2. The copper powder layer is 0.20~0.35mm, which has good bearing capacity and wear resistance. Good thermal conductivity can transfer the heat generated during the operation of the bearing. The composite material can penetrate into the gap of the copper powder ball to improve the bonding strength.
  3. Low carbon steel provides good load bearing performance and heat transfer.
  4. Copper/tin plating layer is 0.002mm, which makes it have better corrosion resistance.

  Technical Parameters


Static bearing 250N/mm2 Coefficient of friction 0.03~0.20
Low speed operation 140N/mm2
Rotation, rocking motion 60N/mm2 Line speed Dry friction 2m/s
Fluid lubrication >2m/s
PV value (dry friction) Intermittent operation 3.6N/mm2*m/3 Thermal Conductivity >2m/s42W(m*K)-1
Long-term operation 1.8N/mm2*m/3
Operating temperature -195℃~+280℃ Linear expansion coefficient 11*10-6*K
  typical application

  SF-1X oilless lubricated bearings (standard) materials can be used for long-term use under dry friction and lubrication conditions without the need for additional maintenance;
  Steam locomotives: tractors, combine harvesters, crop sprayers, bulldozers, graders and other construction machinery; in the automotive industry for power steering pumps, steering thrust washers, disc brakes, shock absorbers, door hinges, wipers, chairs Angle adjusters, air valves and solenoid valves;
  Office business machinery: copiers, fax machines, printers, mail processors, etc.;
  Hydraulic components and valves: gear pumps, piston pumps, vane pumps, ball valves, butterfly valves, cylinders, cylinders and other hydraulic components;
Household appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, washing machines, microwave ovens and fitness equipment;
  And other logistics machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, port machinery, mining machinery and forest machinery.

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