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SF-1SS stainless steel bearing (spray type)

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SF-1SS stainless steel bearing (spray type)


  Application features:

  SF-1SS stainless steel spray bearing is a high corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant bearing made of stainless steel as the base and coated with PTFE. The material is especially suitable for strong acid, strong alkali, light load medium and low speed occasions, and its wear resistance is obviously better than single PTFE bearing and graphite bearing.

  Application range:
  At present, the product has been widely used in chemical acid-base flowmeters, pumps, valves and corrosion-resistant sliding parts in the marine industry.
  The main parameters:
  Bearing pressure: 100N/mm2
  Friction coefficient μ: 0.03~0.18;
  Applicable temperature range: -190 ° C ~ 280 ° C;
  Sliding speed: 2.5m/s;
  Allow PV value (dry): 3.0N/mm2*m/3
  Allowable PV value (oil): 40N/mm2*m/3

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