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Car use

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Car use
  The advantages of self-lubricating bearings such as lightweight, low noise and no oil supply make the application in the automobile quickly promoted. At present, the number of self-lubricating bearings on each passenger car has exceeded 50, and it is constantly It replaces needle roller and powder bearings to create new applications; in addition to bearings, the use of self-lubricating technology in non-bearing applications is also increasing, such as the self-lubricating coating swashplate developed by IFAG for air conditioning compressors. Lubricating properties of polymer engineering plastic structural parts; IFAG developed self-lubricating bearings and materials, not only meet the functional requirements, but also meet the automotive industry"s environmental requirements, such as ROHS, Reach and other standards.

  Anhui IFAG Hardware Accessories Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with: oilless bearings, sliding bearing, self-lubricating bearings, composite bearings;


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