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FU-1 powder metallurgy bearing (copper base)

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FU-1 powder metallurgy bearing (copper base)

Product parameters

  Application features:
  The FU-1 copper-based oil-impregnated bearing is made of tin bronze powder as a raw material, which is pressed by a mold and sintered at a high temperature. Its matrix has fine, uniform pores, which are oil-impregnated after being vacuum impregnated with lubricating oil. The product has short-term non-oil lubrication, low cost of use, and the size of the inner and outer diameters can be changed. It is suitable for medium-speed and low-load applications. Products have been widely used in home electric motors, power tools, textile machinery, chemical machinery, automotive industry and office equipment.
  Technical Parameters:
  Bearing pressure: 35N/mm2
  Temperature: -80~+160 degrees Celsius
  Sliding speed: 2.5 m/s
  Alloy material: CuSn6-6-3
  PV value: 2.45N/mm2*m/3

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