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JDB-N embedded graphite copper sleeve

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JDB-N embedded graphite copper sleeve

Product parameters

  Material properties:
  1. It can be used for a long time without maintenance.
  2. Designed for high static and dynamic loads.
  3. It has low and stable friction factor and no "sticking" phenomenon.
  4. Dust resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and edge load resistance.
  5. Metal substrates have good shock absorption ability 6. Can be used in a wide temperature range 7. Suitable for the occasions of frequent start-up such as reciprocating, rotating and swinging and difficult to form oil film.
  Material structure:
  JDB-N embedded graphite copper sleeve uses various copper alloys as basic materials. According to the working conditions, holes are machined and filled with solid lubricants in the working face according to a certain proportion. All kinds of copper alloy materials provide a more suitable load-bearing capacity, while solid lubricants can form a lower friction pair.
  Highlighting advantages:
  1. Enhance the strength of copper sleeve, effectively prolong its normal service life;
  2. Reduce the cost of graphite and other auxiliary materials, while improving the efficiency of lubricants;
  3. Reducing the loss of lubricating oil is conducive to reducing waste and environmental protection.
  4. Because the process of this product is more precise, it is beneficial to use in some special occasions.

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