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JDB-G graphite steel sleeve

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JDB-G graphite steel sleeve

Product parameters

  Material properties:
  JDB-G graphite steel sleeve is a kind of reinforced product with high compressive performance. It can discharge lubricant when working, and form a layer of oil film between the shaft and sleeve. It has the advantage of more anti-occlusion than monomer oil lubrication. It is especially suitable for supporting parts of various machines.
  Material structure:
  JDB-G graphite steel sleeve is based on high strength steel alloy. According to the working conditions, holes are machined and filled with solid lubricant in a certain proportion in its working face. The high strength steel alloy provides a higher load-bearing capacity, while the solid lubricant can form a lower friction pair.
  Highlighting advantages:
  1. Increase the strength of axle sleeve and prolong the service life of the product.
  2. The addition of graphite and other lubricants has played a very good role in shaft protection.
  3. The transformation of base material from copper to steel has effectively reduced the costs of all parties.
  4. Because of the ingenious combination of steel and lubricant, it can be used in some scenarios with high working conditions.

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